Flat roof systems

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Best practice pitched roofing solutions designed for the harsh Nordic climate and high quality standards.

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The roof is exposed

High-quality single-layer roof membranes for open roofs are long-lasting, strong in any type of climate, technically reliable and sustainable.

Green roofs

Green roofs are becoming more and more popular, especially in densely populated urban areas where the use of the roof is important. Green areas and roof terraces contribute to increasing value for both property developers and those who live in or use the buildings.

Terraced roofs

Strong and durable patio and balcony membrane systems provide you with a quality, long-lasting patio membrane that prevents problems related to moisture, mold, rot and corrosion.

Cold roof

A cooling roof system uses a roof covering with a documented high solar reflectance value, or SRI (Solar Reflectance Index), to reduce the building's interior cooling needs.

Roof of solar power plants

Facilitates the installation of solar cells or panels on roofs. The choice of roof covering depends on the type of solar panels that will be used.

Ballast roofs

Ballast roofs can be used for living spaces. The weight of the ballast requires that the supporting structure be designed for the purpose.

Individual roof

Builders and architects using roof coverings enjoy great aesthetic and visual flexibility without sacrificing durability and environmental requirements.

Vacuum roof

A vacuum roof is a unique system that does not require fasteners on the roof surface. The force of the wind creates a negative pressure that firmly sucks the membrane into the roof structure. This is especially good for large roof surfaces.

Protection against radon

A radon barrier that contributes to the building's vital radon protection. Radon gas is a radioactive and harmful substance that can cause lung cancer in the worst case scenario.

Roof of temperate areas

A special roofing system that allows you to protect the roof from the threat of flooding in areas of high rainfall.

Residential and recreational property

We offer flat roof systems for various properties. Available in a variety of colors that are durable and require less maintenance.