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To remain the leaders in flat roofing, we are constantly improving. We are well acquainted with and apply the specifications used in European regulations, and our employees are continually undergoing internships and training. We are certified, participate in international exhibitions and regularly perform skills attestation.

We have one clear goal - to provide fast and high-quality flat roofing services.


After finding out your needs and the current situation, we will advise and offer the best suggestion adapted to your current situation. Get the best quality and price offer.


After planning and agreeing the work in advance and taking care of the materials, we perform the work with high quality and quickly. The quality of our work is our business card, so we provide a guarantee for the performed roofing work.


You will save money by choosing Flat Roof Masters! We are partners of material suppliers, giving customers the opportunity to order materials at a wholesale price at no extra charge.


Full flat roof coverage

We perform flat roof covering works. We have experience covering small to large objects. We cover flat roofs in apartment buildings, data centers, and industrial facilities. 

We offer professional flat roof covering services.

Plokščių stogų dengimas Lietuvoje ir Europoje

Flat roof covering works

The work we perform includes the installation of the roof without the installation of the supporting structure (concrete overlay/supporting sheets). For covering flat roofs, we use materials that are durable and tested by time. The duration of roof installation is very individual, depending on the area and complexity of the roof. The duration of work on a private house is 1-2 weeks.

How is it going?

Step 1. First, you need to send the roof plan and parapet details. With this data, we will be able to estimate the cost of materials and works.

Step 2. Based on the received material and your needs, the most optimal offer is presented.

Step 3. After the proposal is approved, the works are coordinated.

the whole package

We do all the work, we order materials from suppliers.

speed, quality

We do the work quickly. We provide a guarantee for all work performed.

We always do our work carefully and diligently

flat roof covering Employees are qualified, certified specialists

We offer the services of Flat Roofing Masters to anyone seeking exceptionally sustainable and reliable roofing solutions. Our work is highly valued in Lithuania and Europe. We are going on business trips abroad.

We value people's feedback and their opinion, we always try to make our customers happy.

We will always advise you to find the most suitable and affordable option.

sq. / m

Covered with roofing

Installation and repair of rolled/rolled roofs, flat roofs in Lithuania and Europe

for flat roofing services

We provide guarantee and guarantee maintenance

We provide roofing services very carefully and responsibly. We try to do the job as flawlessly as possible. We have insured our services with General Civil Liability Insurance. You can sleep easy knowing that your roofing services are covered by General Liability Company.
Easier to use

Overlapping roofs, in contrast to sloping roofs, are installed with a minimum slope, which almost does not reduce the interior space of the building. Thanks to such a roof, it is possible to use the entire area of the shelter. The advantages of such a roof can also be attributed to the convenient maintenance and ease of installing roof equipment: antennas, air conditioners, solar panels, ventilation mines, etc.

Flat roof

An overlapping roof is also called a flat roof. Such installation of a roof in a detached house is a feature of a modern house, which is common worldwide. The flat roof gives the building look of modern and contemporary. Flat roof installation is cheaper than sloping, primarily because a flat roof area is always smaller than a sloping roof.


Just a few decades ago, country developers could not have imagined that so many beautiful homes could be created in private construction. In addition, thanks to the flat roof, the finished cottage - house, in terms of cost, is much lower than construction with roofs of another system.

Space for leisure

A flat roof can be used as a terrace, especially if it is not possible to install in the yard, the roof can be planted. It is much easier to climb and walk on a flat roof when you need to inspect the roof surface. As a result, a flat roof is more stable and safer than a sloping roof when repairs are needed.

Lots of space for you

An overlapped roof has more square meters to install equipment such as exhaust or air conditioning systems. Because the surface is smooth, it can ensure the stability of heavy objects even during their operation. Another advantage of a flat roof is the possibility of installing a leisure space.

Advantages of a flat roof

Installation and repair of rolled/rolled roofs, flat roofs in Lithuania and Europe
Sutapdintų / ruloninės dangos, plokščių stogų dengimas, remontas Lietuvoje ir Europoje

Home installation experts see the growing popularity trends for this type of roof in Lithuania as well. Unexploited roof - unused roof.

Installation and repair of rolled/rolled roofs, flat roofs in Lithuania and Europe

Worth to know

Types of flat roofs


  • roof terraces for intensive movement of people;
  • passageways and car parks above parts of buildings for traffic;
  • planted roofs with extensive (lawns) and intensive (ornamental shrubs and trees) planting.

Bituminous roofs with green roofs

Modern high-quality materials allow everyone to have bituminous roofs covered with greenery. Such roofs make it possible to install additional leisure space and solar power plants on the roof.

Green roofs provide an opportunity to have a private work and rest space. You will feel happy and productive in such a space. You will always see more interesting scenery.


Installation of the roof

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