Covering of flat roofs with bituminous coating

The increasingly popular method of covering the roof of private houses, apartment buildings and industrial buildings is a great way to install cost-effective, easy-to-maintain rooms that provide additional space. Modern materials last for many years, a properly maintained bituminous roof will last over 30 years.

A very simple example is the roofs of apartment buildings. Apartment roofs have been installed for many years, and in the event of a roof failure, it is very easy to repair the roof - simply apply new layers of fused coatings and the failure is eliminated. Such roofs have great advantages in winter and summer compared to pitched roofs. In addition, pitched roofs do not require a lot of space in the attic for installation to form a steep slope. In winter, for such roofs - only help to provide better thermal insulation, it is not recommended to dig snow or clean it from the roof.

Long-lasting materials and a quick roof installation period, that's not all you can expect from bituminous roofs

Plokščių stogų dengimas Lietuvoje ir Europoje
Plokščių stogų dengimas Lietuvoje ir Europoje

Bituminous advantages of the roof covering

Cheap roof installation

There is no need for an attic or additional space for installing a roof

Depending on the location of the building, individual solutions can be designed that you can enjoy every day

Additional recreation areas or solar power plants can be installed by providing a stronger roof structure in advance

Additional roof spaces - terraces can be installed, planted with plants, pathways filled with pebbles - in principle, spaces of various complexity can be created according to your wishes, where you can spend sunny summer days, creating a sense of privacy and freedom

With proper maintenance (inspection is carried out every few years, water drains are cleaned, ventilation) the roof will last longer than a pitched roof

Roofs covered with bituminous coating are economically efficient. The roof retains heat in winter and cools the premises in summer

Simple and easy maintenance. In winter, an additional layer of snow on such roofs provides thermal insulation for the premises

Bituminous roofs, a great choice

We offer the installation of a flat roof to everyone for whom the advantages of flat roofs are important. Furnish a modern and cozy home, giving yourself freedom. Bituminous roofing is a modern way of building a house, which is becoming more and more popular over time, for obvious reasons.

Modern, reliable materials, easy and simple roof maintenance. Quick roof repair.

Only by choosing qualified, experienced specialists will you have a roof that you will use without any complaints for many years. Suitable and practically selected, time-tested materials will provide great comfort. We provide a guarantee and warranty maintenance for all roofing works.