Flat roof covering in Lithuania and Europe

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We perform flat roof covering work carefully, qualitatively and at a fast pace. Working together with tool manufacturers and material suppliers, we know the best products and use them in our daily activities.

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Flat roofing professionals

All represented products and equipment meet high quality requirements, the most popular materials and work performance technologies.

When covering flat roofs, we use durable and reliable materials. By dealing directly with manufacturers, we offer competitive prices for all projects.

We carry out private, commercial and industrial projects throughout Europe. We carry out the flat roof covering work within the agreed time, taking care of all the necessary tools, materials, planning and execution. 

We guarantee a motivated flat roofing team. By providing a product that will guarantee a long service life for your flat roof.

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Abdeckung und Reparatur von Schräg-/Rolldächern, Schrägdächern in Litauen und Europa

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