Flat roof installation systems

the most popular flat roof covering systems

Best practice pitched roofing solutions designed for the harsh Nordic climate and high quality standards.

Find the right system for your project!

Standard overlap system

The standard overlap system with mechanical fastening can be installed on all types of substrates and can be used in both new construction and renovation projects.

A pre-made system

This system is the best and fastest solution in wind-exposed areas, making it ideal when the roof needs to be covered quickly.

Green roof system

A green roof system can accommodate biodiversity, extensive and intensive planting schemes and provides an environmentally friendly aesthetic.

Protected system

The system is designed for installation on roofs that require regular access and roofs that are used as recreation areas such as terraces.

Vacuum system

This unique system uses the forces of the wind in the environment to maintain the membrane. Very quick installation, no fasteners required.

Fixed system

Fully adhered solutions may be suitable where perforation of the vapor control layer is undesirable or mechanical attachment is difficult or impossible.

System of rainy places

With this system, the water is gradually drained and fed into the storm sewer network, avoiding congestion that causes flooding.