Why do we suggest choosing a green flat roof?

Green roofs are a very practical choice for all owners of private houses, apartment buildings or commercial buildings. Green roofs provide the building with additional space on the roof, improve the economy, because the building is cooler in time during hot weather, and extend the service life of the operated roof.

Green roofs are a solution discovered since ancient times, today they are gaining popularity due to many advantages, which are very important:

Remove CO2 and harmful pollutants from the atmosphere

By creating additional space for plants, you reduce the amount of harmful substances near the premises.

Protect your roof from the elements and extend its life

Green roofs protect the sealing layers of the roof, protect against all natural factors that damage the integrity of the roof.

Improve thermal insulation, significantly reducing costs

This type of roof helps regulate the temperature inside the building. Temporarily relieves the heat effect during hot weather. Increases thermal insulation during cold weather.

Isolate building acoustics, reducing noise levels to 8db

An additional insulating layer provides sound insulation. Avoid unwanted noise and sounds.

Create additional leisure space

It is very nice to spend time and safely leave outdoor items. Create a place for wildlife to grow.

Improve workplace productivity and lifestyle

With the possibility of a roof - as a leisure space, you will always be able to relax or change space close to the building. 

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