Installing a flat roof is on average cheaper and simpler, because it is not necessary to install a wooden structure - all layers are installed on a reinforced concrete cover.

Installation of a flat roof

Flat, pitched roofing works include planning the roof, ordering materials and assembling the roof. The duration of roof installation is very individual, depending on the area and complexity of the roof. The preliminary duration of the implementation of works for a private house is 1-2 weeks.

Previously, we could see flat roofs only on apartment buildings and public buildings. However, the trend to install a flat roof is gradually becoming popular in residential houses as well. 

A flat roof is not actually perfectly horizontal. According to building regulations, a roof is considered flat when its slope is between 0.7° and 7°. The roof is not completely flat, as at least a minimal slope is required for the water to run off. These roofs are also called overlapped because the roof and the ceiling basically coincide in one plane - the roof, so to speak, becomes the ceiling of the upper rooms. The flat roof is already recognized as an energy-efficient, reliable and economical alternative to the pitched roof.

When performing roof installation works, we fully install rain drainage systems - gutters, downspouts, eaves. We also install parapet tinning works, install protective fences, skylights, etc.

Flachdacheindeckung in Litauen und Europa

What are the advantages of a flat roof?

3 steps of roof installation

Please send the roof plan and parapet details

With this data, we will be able to estimate not only the cost of the roof covering, but also the installation of steam and thermal insulation.

You receive an offer for the installation of a roof

Based on the received material and the customer's needs, the most optimal offer is presented.

The installation of the roof begins

After the proposal is approved, further work is agreed upon.


Installation of a flat roof

When installing a flat roof, the greatest attention is paid to waterproofing, because after the roof is pierced, water will slowly drip into the premises. Roofs are made in such a way that in the event of roof deformation, rainwater does not reach the premises.

All necessary layers are installed on the reinforced concrete floor. Since the flat roof will become part of your ceiling, thermal insulation cannot be ignored. If the room under it will not be inhabited, it may not be insulated, or only the overlay may be insulated.

Roof layers must be ventilated

No matter how tight the roof covering is, condensation moisture still appears in the structure, which should not be there. Ventilation chimneys are installed for it to evaporate. Such chimneys should be installed on all roofs with a width of more than 10 meters. One chimney is allocated for an area of 60-80 m². These chimneys collect water vapor from the roof structure and release it to the outside, so they are deepened through the entire heat insulation layer.

Flachdacheindeckung in Litauen und Europa
Natural light

Flat roof skylights

Flat roofs are suitable for installing skylights, and vertical light is much more intense. Most often, dome-shaped skylights are installed in corridors - in this way, more light enters the room. The advantage of dome-shaped skylights is the price. Finally, such a skylight can be covered with a self-cleaning coating, so it does not require additional maintenance.

Skylights are often installed in public buildings. Skylights can be hinged or non-hinged. Most often, they have a special shape and installation, reminiscent even of hatches, but there are also solutions that resemble more traditional skylights.

Recommended layers for low load roofs

  • vapor barrier layer,
  • thermal insulation board
  • waterproofing layer made of PVC, much more resistant than bituminous coatings.

When installing or renewing a flat roof, it is most appropriate to install an insulated inverted roof. In this case, the insulating layer is located above the waterproofing, protecting it from sudden temperature changes, sunlight and mechanical loads.

If the spaces are properly designed, the roof can be used as an entertainment and recreation space

Green flat roofs

One of the most popular inverted roof modifications. A very long history, it is enough to remember the hanging roofs of Semiramis. Green roofs are popular in the Pamirs, where fertile soil is poured on the roofs and vegetables are grown, and in Norway, where green roofs provide excellent thermal insulation

The requirements for these roofs are different, as the ability of plants to penetrate the smallest cracks and expand them must first be assessed. To protect against the effects of the roots, a coating of PVC or foil is laid.

The weight of the earth's substrate depends on what to plant on the roof. Lawns and flower lawns need 10-20 cm, flowers and flowering shrubs 20-30 cm, shrubs and small trees 40-70 cm.

Interested in the price of your roof?

Prices of flat roofs

Each case is calculated individually. The price range is extremely wide, because primarily the price depends on the roof area, pricing applied by suppliers, roof layout and other aspects.

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