Installing a flat roof is on average cheaper and simpler, because it is not necessary to install a wooden structure - all layers are installed on a reinforced concrete cover.

Why choose a flat roof?

For a long time, flat roofs were considered only a feature of apartment buildings and public buildings, but ideas from abroad and individual houses with flat roofs, which started to sprout faster in Lithuania, show another trend.

The flat roof is tight, does not waste heat, and is well insulated. During the winter, snow accumulates, forming a natural thermal insulation.

When constructing energy-efficient buildings, especially A++ or passive buildings, a flat roof helps to achieve the airtightness requirements more easily. Such a roof will not require much maintenance.

Flachdacheindeckung in Litauen und Europa

A flat roof is a long-term solution

Roofs are installed in such a way that the inside of the building and the roof structures under the waterproofing layers are protected from the external effects of rain and snow.

Flat roof - what is it?

Cheaper, taking up less space and easier to repair and maintain - just some of the advantages why flat roofs are becoming more and more popular.

Ecology and ergonomics

Construction products used for roofs must not pollute the environment. The sound-insulating properties of roof structures must meet the requirements of the normative documents of the Republic of Lithuania.


Traditional coating of flat roofs – Bitumen, PVC, TPO, EPDM coating. High-quality, high mechanical strength and resistance, long-lasting modern material allows those living under such roofs not to be afraid that water will flood the house through the damaged coating.

Economy and practicality

When installing a flat roof, you need to cover a smaller area, moreover, due to its slope, you can install a terrace or plant such a roof. Such a roof essentially provides more home space. The last floor can also be equipped with living quarters. Flat roofs are the best choice in terms of thermal insulation due to the minimal roof slope. Roofs are installed in such a way that the inside of the building and the roof structures under the waterproofing layers are protected from the external effects of rain and snow.

Flachdacheindeckung in Litauen und Europa
Natural light

Flat roof skylights

Flat roofs are suitable for installing skylights, and vertical light is much more intense. Most often, dome-shaped skylights are installed in corridors - in this way, more light enters the room. The advantage of dome-shaped skylights is the price. Finally, such a skylight can be covered with a self-cleaning coating, so it does not require additional maintenance.

Skylights are often installed in public buildings. Skylights can be hinged or non-hinged. Most often, they have a special shape and installation, reminiscent even of hatches, but there are also solutions that resemble more traditional skylights.

Solar modules can be installed by embedding them in the roof covering, installing them as glass facades, installing them in the insulation layer or using them as shelters and barriers from the summer sun.

Repair and maintenance of flat roofs

By using quality materials and following modern construction technologies, we ensure the durability of the entire structure and easy operation.

The repair and renovation of flat roofs usually involves covering with an attached bituminous roll coating. During the renovation of the house, the multi-apartment roof is insulated and then covered with bituminous coating in a hot method. The usual covering of a flat roof involves covering 1-2 layers with bituminous-polymer roll material. Polymeric additives give bitumen the necessary elasticity and resistance to temperature changes. The bituminous coating that is added lasts for 25 years or more.

When operating such roofs, it is necessary to properly maintain deformation seams, water collection channels and water collectors. Snow must be removed from roofs of large areas with light special equipment.

Interested in the price of your roof?

Prices of flat roofs

Each case is calculated individually. The price range is extremely wide, because primarily the price depends on the roof area, pricing applied by suppliers, roof layout and other aspects.

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