The roof is one of the most complex structures in the house, so it is necessary to pay enough attention to the construction of this structure and use quality materials.

The cost of installing a flat roof

Esstogai offers the best alternative options for roofing and other materials, from which the customer will have the opportunity to choose the most optimal and economical for him. We communicate directly with material suppliers and offer a good price for materials.

The price of roofing includes: roof pitch, area, house architecture, resistance, location, waterproofing, insulation and many other features determine the final price of the roof.

For those who want the most accurate figures, it is recommended to contact, indicating the roof plan or dimensions, then we will calculate exactly how much roofing and related materials will be needed for the installation of the roof and how much the roofing work will cost.

A flat roof is an economical choice

When choosing a flat roof, the final decision will usually be related to the cost-effectiveness of the roof, but the cost-effectiveness of the roof depends not only on the materials used and the cost of installation. Roof maintenance, durability, natural ventilation system, waterproofing, comfort and many other elements also influence the "economics".

Flat roof materials are durable, properly maintained roof can last up to 25-30 years.

A small amount of materials

Any flat roof will be smaller in area than the flattest pitched roof. This means that less material will be needed.

Installs much faster

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Cheaper to repair and maintain

Some flat roofs do not need to be removed for repair or replacement. The old roof can act as additional waterproofing or protection.

Economically utilized space

The roof does not require additional space for the attic. An additional useful area for a terrace, solar modules, a greenhouse or a place to grow flowers appears on a flat roof.

3 steps in determining the preliminary price of the roof

How to choose a roof covering?

Today, the demand for roof coverings is particularly high - different materials, different qualities of coverings, different prices, etc. First, determine the requirements for your roof covering. These should be 2-3 main features that will help when comparing different materials and different manufacturers of the same materials. Characterizing properties can be: durability, thickness, resistance to external conditions, price, maintenance, noise insulation, strength of the material, etc.
Find out what material is suitable for the roof of your house. For old houses, lightweight materials are recommended so as not to stress the building structure. The most suitable materials for flat roofs are those with extremely good waterproofing properties. You can look around the neighborhood and pay attention to what materials are used by similar houses. Also, consult with people who have installed the roof of the house with the chosen material or materials. They will be able to share the difficulties and their advantages.

Do not be afraid to consult Esstogai specialists who will be able to offer the best solution.

Take the correct measurements

The choice of material alone will not help determine the exact budget that will be allocated to the installation of the roof of the house. It is important to take accurate measurements of the roof, which will allow you to accurately calculate the quantities of all the necessary materials.

We recommend contacting Esstogai specialists who will draw the project and accurately measure all distances, sizes of protrusions, skylights, chimneys and other necessary parameters.

Assess what related materials will be needed and how much roofing services will cost

The materials involved may include the roof structure, waterproofing materials, insulation materials, ventilation, fasteners and many other materials used in roofing.

Experienced Esstogai specialists will best calculate what materials and how much will be needed. They will be able to quickly and accurately estimate how much diffusion film, finishing details, rain drainage system, fasteners, chimney and other materials will be needed. They will also be able to estimate the duration of roofing and how much roofing services will cost. 


Flat roof covering materials

Flachdacheindeckung in Litauen und Europa

Good waterproofing and roof insulation materials can help save money on heating. Materials such as bitumen have excellent waterproofing properties. In the absence of good quality materials, water can enter the interior of the house and affect the structure of the entire house.

In Lithuania, it is necessary to pay attention to roof insulation. Most of the heat is lost through a poorly insulated roof, which can increase the costs of heating the house. It is important not to save for a comfortable and cozy life.

It is important to soundproof bedrooms as they are "noise sensitive rooms". In the area of increased sound, the insulation of the roof alone will not be enough and it will be necessary to apply complex insulation measures.

This point does not affect the price in the literal sense, but it is a very important aspect when choosing both a new roof and renovating an old one. The integrity of the house and the stability of the building structure of old houses built more than 40 years ago are not the same as those of new ones, so it is recommended to choose lighter roof materials when changing the roofs of old buildings, which will reduce the pressure on the entire house structure.

Quality is affected not only by the covering material, but also by the construction of the roof, climatic conditions, maintenance and many other factors. When choosing a material for the roof, consider the following questions:

The price of the roof covering is greatly influenced by the reliability and reputation of the chosen manufacturer. The roofing of well-known manufacturers such as, , ICOPAL, Bauder, Vedag, Borner, Binne, Mogant, Soprema is valued for its durability and quality, which usually costs a little more. More expensive materials are often characterized by reliability and a longer warranty.

Interested in the price of your roof?

Prices of flat roofs

Each case is calculated individually. The price range is extremely wide, because primarily the price depends on the roof area, pricing applied by suppliers, roof layout and other aspects.

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