Wire disc brush PERKEO TWISTER

TWISTER - Coarse wire disc brush for scrubbing oxidized metal surfaces, chemically treated titanium zinc alloys, old soldered joints and materials that are generally difficult to solder. Hardened metal bristles can be easily re-sharpened several times. To do this, you only need to slightly rotate the TWISTER wire disc brush with sandpaper in the opposite direction to its rotation. TWISTER replaces sanding discs, regular disc brushes, sandpaper, hand scrapers and felt brushes! Suitable for cordless screwdrivers, drills and angle grinders.

– The scope of delivery includes an adapter for a drill and a cordless drill
– Dimensions: Ø 100 mm x 20 mm
– Maximum speed: 3500 rpm.
– Mounting: M14
– Suitable for all metals except aluminium
– Conforms to EN 1083-2

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