Set consisting of a high-performance welding torch and a high-pressure hose up to 30 bar according to EN 16436-1 (DIN 4815), tested according to the requirements of the DVGW (German Association of Gas and Plumbing Industry), 4 bar propane gas regulator with combination connection and hose protection breakaway, 60mm high performance titanium torch head with 600mm stainless steel torch tube and stand. Handle with fixed size flame standby automation according to Employers Liability Insurance Association (BG) rules, 101 KW power, consumption 7.85 kg/h at 4 bar pressure, hose connections G3/8″ LH.

– more heat;
– lower gas consumption!

Best value for money!

Article no. Hose length Weight
780/61/14/3 5 m 3,07 kg
780/61/15/3 10 m 3,97 kg
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