Manual hot air welding machine PERKEO HOTGUN JUMBO 2000 S

– Powerful 3400 watt hot air blower
- Ergonomic design for fatigue-free work
– Overheating protection due to constant air flow and sensor technology
– Stepless temperature regulation
– Safe storage and protection of the device with a rubber ring
- Unsurpassed PERKEO quality!
– Suitable for continuous use

HOTGUN JUMBO 4000 S is an extremely powerful hand-held machine designed specifically for welding bituminous tapes. Thanks to construction site-proven electronics and a solid construction of quality materials, the HOTGUN JUMBO 4000 S is a reliable partner in roofing work.

Thanks to its ergonomic design and light weight, it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and ensures fatigue-free work. The end of the handle has a non-slip and shock-resistant hard rubber ring to keep the HOTGUN JUMBO 4000 S safely in place during work breaks. Stepless temperature regulation is achieved by a reliable rotary switch on the handle, and to protect against overheating, the HOTGUN ELECTRA JUMBO 4000 S is programmed for constant airflow in all temperature ranges. The HOTGUN JUMBO 4000 S is designed for non-stop work!

Technical data:
Voltage: 230 V
Frequency: 60 Hz
Power: 3400 W
Temperature: 20-650oC
Air flow: 500 l/min.
Air pressure: 3000 Pa
Cable length: 3 m
Dimensions (length and Ø): 320 x 94 mm, handle 64 mm
Conformity mark: CE
Safety class: II

Article no. Weight without cable Weight
750/01 1,25 kg 1,50 kg
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