PERKEO High Performance Propane Gas Soldering Iron with Copper Tip

The PERKEO Heavy Duty Propane Gas Soldering Iron is made of the highest quality materials such as stainless steel, solid brass and Teflon, making it extremely strong, durable and maintenance free. Neither moisture nor soldering chemicals nor operation in harsh conditions affect its performance. The PERKEO Heavy Duty Propane Soldering Iron lights up instantly. In less than 55 seconds, the 350g copper tip heats up to working temperature. Even in strong winds, you will be able to perform tasks with a stable power, gust-resistant PERKEO flame, without using a protective sheet against the wind!

With highly insulated organic wood (common beech) ergonomically shaped handle, screw-on hose connection, resistant Teflon valve seals, burner cap and stainless steel valve spindle. All individual parts are available as spare parts. Power 1.67 KW, consumption 130 g/h, with a pressure of 1.5 bar.

Article no. Hose connection Copper tip Weight
782/T M10x1 LH Hammer shape 0,85 kg
783/T M10x1 LH A peak 0,85 kg
784/T/208/5 M10x1 LH Curved, hammer-shaped 0,85 kg
782/3/T G3/8‘‘ LH Hammer shape 0,85 kg
783/3/T G3/8‘‘ LH A peak 0,85 kg
784/3/T/208/5 G3/8‘‘ LH Curved, hammer-shaped 0,85 kg
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