Automatic hot air welding machine PERKEO TYSON 4000 S

TYSON 4000 S is a compact and reliable automatic hot air welding machine for professional butt welding of synthetic roof coverings and synthetic sealing tapes. The total weight of the machine is only 20 kg, and the speed is up to 12 m/min, so it is ideal for handling surfaces of up to 500 m2.

In addition to a powerful and maintenance-free drive unit, the reliable TYSON 4000 S automatic welding machine also has a powerful hot air blower, making it possible to weld PVC, TPO, FPO, ECB, EPDM, PEC and EVA coatings quickly and without wrinkles.

The temperature, air flow and speed of the TYSON 4000 S can be individually adjusted with convenient rotary switches. To protect against overheating, the device is equipped with a heat sensor, and the blower is programmed for constant main air flow in all temperature ranges.

This user-friendly machine has been tested on construction sites, and its easy-to-understand electronics make it quick and easy to operate. Thanks to the auto-start function, it automatically moves from its position when the welding tip is tilted, and the removable travel lever helps you to perform overlapping welding without tiring and comfortable monitoring, without taking your eyes off the welding seam for a moment.

– For roof surfaces up to 500 m²
– Powerful and maintenance-free drive unit
– It is possible to perform the welding of cornice sheets
- Proven electronics
– Guaranteed wrinkle-free welding
– Simple and fast management
– Powerful 3500 W hot air blower
– Protection against overheating thanks to the installed sensor technology and constant main air flow
– Automatic start by tilting the welding tip
– Suitable for use on slopes up to 30°
– Convenient maintenance
– Tested in construction sites and reliable
- Unsurpassed PERKEO quality!

Technical data:
Model: TYSON 4000 S
Article no.: 760/20/200
Voltage: 230 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Power: 3500 W
Temperature: 20-600oC
Speed: 0.6-12 m/min.
Welding tip: 40 mm
Noise emission level: 50 dB
Cable length: 5 m
Dimensions: 460 x 360 x 850 mm
Weight: 20 kg
Conformity mark: CE
Safety class: I

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