PERKEO propane high pressure hoses according to EN 16436-1 (DIN 4815)

Assembled, connected and tested according to DVGW (German Gas and Water Industry Association) - suitable for all PERKEO soldering systems. Working pressure up to 30 bar, inner diameter 4 mm, wall thickness 4 mm, extremely flexible. Connections optionally G3/8″ LH x M10x1 LH or G3/8″ LH x G3/8″ LH.

Article no. Article no.
G3/8″ LH x M10x1 LH G3/8″ LH x G3/8″ LH Length Weight
402/1 402/1/3 2,5 m 0,45 kg
402/2 402/2/3 3 m 0,54 kg
402/3 402/3/3 5 m 0,90 kg
402/4 402/4/3 10 m 1,80 kg
402/5 402/5/3 20 m 3,60 kg
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